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Project Overview:

We’re young and positive, rapidly growing, full of life, creativity, and bright ideas design department at Intellias. We’re a friendly team, a family that is happy to work and rest together.

The only thing is sad — you’re still not with us! Yes, we need you, your inspiring stories and your smiles, your sharp mind and readiness to think visual, initiative and courage to solve real problems and make human’s life even more comfortable.

You’ll hold a key role in the team and collaborate with designers, department leaders, and customers.

We offer you a single creative environment with designers, flexible work hours, individual career development path, training and knowledge sharing sessions, compensation and social packages, and much much more!

UX skills: 

  • 8+ years of UX experience; 
  • Significant experience designing and delivering world-class digital experiences; 
  • Strong experience designing mobile and web apps; 
  • Experience with generative and evaluative research methods; 
  • Deep understanding of fundamental visual and interactive design disciplines and principals; 
  • Human-centric design approach that involves rapid testing and iteration of designs; 
  • A strong portfolio that shows the process to be presented at the interview. 

Leading team skills: 

  • Experience leading small-sized teams; 
  • Strong communication and collaboration skills with the project team, internal and external stakeholders; 
  • Skills to present and defend ideas and solutions; 
  • Ability to provide feedback and constructive criticism; 
  • Solid negotiation skills and ability to be a UX advocate; 
  • Solid time management and prioritization skills to handle schedules in a fast-paced, multi-project environment; 
  • Ability to work independently, without strict supervision.
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