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Project Overview:

A cutting-edge corporate start-up from the biggest reinsurance company in the world is looking for Lead UX Designer. The product is Location Risk Intelligence system, which has already won first large customers and is in the process of scaling up:

Location Risk Intelligence supports you in the assessment of natural hazard risks worldwide, from individual risks to entire risk portfolios.

Location Risk Intelligence (Natural Hazards Assessment Network) accelerates your business processes and supports portfolio control and claims management.

Location Risk Intelligence is based on the systematic global collection of hazard data at the biggest reinsurance company in the world over the past four decades. This extensive scientific knowledge, combined with the risk modelling developed within the company, forms the basis of our offering, which consists of global and national risk assessments, spatial analyses and loss overviews.

Квітослава Світлицька
  • Managing Design Process and Activities
    Long and short-term planning, prioritizing, and setting up design-related activities.

    Requirements Gathering (Stakeholders, Users, Dev Team)
    Close collaboration with team members, stakeholders, and conducting user research to collect requirements for new features.

    User Flow Definition and Analysis
    Define user flows, track new insights, and adjust all artifacts according to new changes.

    Information Architecture Support and Development
    Adjust existing information architecture based on the latest updates and changes. Develop new information architecture that organically fits the existing structure.

    Concept Development
    Develop concepts for new features based on requirements and technical limitations. Validate and test with stakeholders, the tech team, and end users. Iteratively improve concepts according to requirements.

    Usability Testing of the Platform
    Plan, prepare, and conduct usability testing with end users (moderated and unmoderated) to collect feedback and requests.

    Implementation Support
    Support the Dev team during implementation, adjust concepts based on technical limitations.

  • In-depth understanding of the subject area.
  • Minimum of 8 years of experience in design.
  • Business problem-solving mindset with a focus on human-centered approaches.
  • Excellent communication and collaboration skills with project teams, internal stakeholders, and external partners.
  • Design approach that involves research, testing and iteration of designs.
  • Extensive experience in designing and delivering world-class digital solutions.
  • Deep understanding of fundamental visual and interactive design disciplines and principles.
  • Experience designing and validating solutions following accessibility design guidelines and best practices.
  • Portfolio: Demonstrated case studies showcasing impactful results.
  • Experience in creating and presenting proposals.
  • Solid skills in workshop planning and facilitation.
  • Proficiency in delivering compelling presentations.
  • Solid time management and prioritization skills to handle fast-paced, multi-project environments.
  • Ability to provide constructive feedback and criticism.
  • Confident skills in task and requirements analysis, as well as effort estimation.

A plus:
Experience leading small-sized teams, including organizing, motivating, and evaluating team and individual performance

  • Leadership skills with a focus on developing people, providing feedback, and motivation.
  • Setting objectives and effective planning.



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