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About the Client:

Customer is a leading software and services provider to communications and media companies. Founded in 1982 in Israel, the company now is headquartered in Chesterfield, Missouri.
Customer specializes in software and services development for communications, media and financial services providers and digital enterprises. The company develops a billing software system, customer-relationship management system and operations support system mostly for telecom industry. Among company’s top clients — Sprint-Nextel, Vodafone, Verizon, SBC and others.

About the project:

The business unit we work with is focused on Optima solutions. The product is relatively new and started from scratch two years ago. Currently it is in active development. In addition to a core framework, the team does customizations for real end-clients in USA and Philippines. It provides B2B and B2C services and consists of two main parts: (a) care – where clients can find stores and order specific services or product and get support (e.g., buy a cell phone) and (b) self-care – where end-users can track their service usage, check received bills and issue individual payments online.
From a technical standpoint, the product has classic architecture with back-end on Java and front-end on React.JS with responsive UI for desktop and mobile devices. Other technologies: Redux, JSP, micro-services. Continuous Integration/Delivery with DevOps activities. Docker, Perforce.
The project is organized as Agile process with 10 scrum teams and 3-week sprints. The team consists of more than 100 engineers.


  • Bachelor's degree in Science/IT/Computing or equivalent;
  • 4+ year experience in Java development;
  • 2+ year experience in technical leadership;
  • 1+ year experience in developing and design Service Oriented Architectures and/or Microservices;
  • 2+ year experience in Agile software development with Scrum;
  • Proven Record of leading projects to production;
  • NoSQL DB and RDBMS knowledge and experience;
  • DevOps Knowledge, Jenkins, Kubernetes, Dockers;
  • Experience in working with Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployments;
  • Experience in using and integrating with open source frameworks;
  • 2+ year experience in implementing REST web services;
  • Preferred knowledge in Red Hat Products: JBoss Fuse, RHDM, RHPAM, RHSSO;
  • UI development experience and React knowledge is a plus;
  • English upper-intermediate or higher.


  • Facilitate his team for better creativity and tries to improve the efficiency of the development team; 
  • Responsible for managing the scrum process with the coordination of scrum team in Agile methodology; 
  • Responsible to remove the impediments for the scrum team; 
  • Arranged daily stand-up meetings, facilitate meetings, schedule meetings, demo and decision-making processes in order to ensure quick inspection and proper use of adaptation process; 
  • Helps product owner to make the product backlogs in good shape and make them ready for the next sprint; 
  • Responsible to Conduct retrospective meetings; 
  • Organizes and facilitates the sprint planning meeting; 
  • Foster proper team and project communication;
  • Managing the Team; 
  • Coaching the Team; 
  • Acts as safeguard for his team.
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