Project Overview:

We are seeking for a Systems Safety Engineer to define and manage software systems safety architecture to meet product requirements and functional safety targets. Our vision is to make autonomous transportation safe and ubiquitous.
Product consisting of a 120° FoV high-resolution lidar sensor (hardware) and perception packages that segment the point cloud delivered by the lidar into interpretable structures like vehicles, pedestrians, and free space (software). Project includes systems and safety development (functional safety, safety of the intended functionality and cybersecurity).

Рекрутинг лід
Катерина Леспух
  • Сontribute to the definition of software systems safety architecture and design to meet product requirements and achieve functional safety targets.
  • Create safety system specification documentation translating product requirements to systems software safety requirements and architecture specifications.
  • Provide frequent and clear communication to other teams, peers, and external stakeholders.
  • Provide subject matter expertise on product requirements, system architecture, and policy, legal, and other standards.
  • Own system software artifacts related to perception software and report to Systems Manager / Project Safety Manager.
  • Develop technical safety concepts and requirements for autonomous perception.
  • Develop safety standards and process implementation working with software developers to realize safe perception software systems;
  • Ensure software complies to relevant automotive industry standards not limited to ISO 26262, SOTIF, AutoSAR C++, MISRA etc.;
  • Support Systems Engineering team and dev teams with tools not limited to Requirements (eg. JAMA), Model-Based systems tools (eg. Visual Paradigm) and Safety Analysis tools (eg. Medini);
  • Work with internal software teams and facilitate systems approach to software development with safety mindset fostering safety culture. Provide training to internal Luminar software professionals as necessary to ensure efficient programs execution;
  • Research and review new tools, technologies and industry trends which might affect current and future products.
  • 3+ years of industry experience in functional safety analysis;
  • Should be trained/certified Safety Engineer/Manager/Assessor;
  • Deep System and Software knowledge of Functional Safety, SOTIF and CyberSecurity on a management and engineering level;
  • Experience with managing functional safety processes in an agile context;
  • Systems and software development and specification development in perception domain; desired in vehicle perception, robotics, ADAS ADS or related;
  • Experience with safety analysis methods (DFMEA, FTA, HARA, etc.);
  • Experience with COTS tools employed for safety analysis.;
  • Excellent interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills;
  • Ability to motivate others, drive collaboration, and quickly resolve conflicts;
  • Enjoy working within a dynamic and continuously evolving environment;
  • Experience with designing and development software in accordance with quality, functional safety and security standards (ASPICE, ISO 26262, AUTOSAR).;
  • Able to work successfully in cross-functional teams, especially across organizational and geographical boundaries.
Nice to have:
  • Experience with proofing or even assessing functional safety artifacts and processes is a definite plus;
  • Strong experience in Functional Safety for vehicle software;
  • Experience in embedded software testing as it pertains to automotive safety-critical software;
  • Demonstrated research and application experience in software safety;
  • Involvement in standards development;
  • Experience in developing perception software algorithms;
  • Experience in structural coverage of code - static and dynamic analysis;
  • An impeccable professional record and a strong and demonstrable work ethic;
  • Show out-of-box thinking and invent creative solutions for challenging problems.

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