Project Overview:

Intellias is undergoing IT strategy planning and major digital transformation in terms of its internal systems. The first project in our roadmap is migration to a new HRMS system which should significantly change the way how employees’ Performance Management is happening and how Skills knowledge is maintained and developed inside the company. After that, we are planning a long and exciting journey of systems modernization and replacement, including procurement of new vendor systems and product development of custom internal software.  

Our team operates under the umbrella of the Information Management Department, which oversees Intellias overall performance and ensures sustainability through business process optimization and automation. 

Алекс Дайрабеков
  • By collaborating with the Solutions Director and Enterprise Product Manager you support IT strategy activities, identify technology application scenarios, determine the key technology solution PoC and implementation plan;
  • You collaborate with Business Analysts on company change management action items;
  • You are ready to learn internal business processes and provide insights to influence its related technical direction and carry out enterprise-level architecture planning;
  • You are responsible for the creation of new and support of existing Enterprise Architecture artifacts e.g. Business Capabilities, Value Streams, Services Catalog, Process Ownership and overall archimate EA model of the company to streamline IT strategy execution;
  • You design architecture vision and lead integration projects from beginning to end, ensuring expected result to be met;
  • Responsible for ensuring the frictionless process of solution delivery, including team leadership when needed, stakeholder communication, ensuring tech&business metrics along the way;
  • Effectively communicate project expectations to team members and stakeholders in a timely and clear fashion;
  • Facilitate epics and user stories refinements when needed to make sure development teams understand the scope;
  • You drive the pace and quality of decisions of the corporate software development teams;
  • Team architecture/design decisions facilitation & evaluation of adherence to the business requirements;
  • You suggest technical and functional improvements to add value to the products;
  • You facilitate the estimation of large and complex milestones;
  • Proactively identify tech debt that is preventing efficient software delivery;
  • You justify technology decisions in front of business stakeholders;
  • You're resilient in ambiguous situations and can approach challenges from multiple perspectives;
  • You are proactive in the identification of business growth opportunities related to technology. You help internal stakeholder solve their business challenges with technology and master digital change. 
  • You are a seasoned software engineering leader, well-versed in C#/.Net, Java or alternative platform with 2 years of experience working as an Solution Architect and at least 6 years of overall experience in the industry;
  • You have experience designing and building microservices architectures (incl. serverless), micro-frontends, resolving complex integration scenarios;
  • Proficient in Enterprise Integration patterns;
  • You have experience with one of the message broker platforms e.g. Service Bus, RabbitMQ, MuleSoft;
  • Have a good feel of Identity&Access management protocols (OpenId Connect, OAuth 2.0, SAML) and products (Okta, AD/Azure AD, Cognito, etc.);
  • You are an expert in private, public and hybrid cloud architecture, workload types, migration patterns and tools and have a perfect understanding of storage, compute options of Azure, their pros and cons how they differ;
  • Have the breadth of industry technology, is able to carry out in-depth research in the technical field;
  • You have a proven track of records engaging in the delivery process of large and complex enterprise application systems, familiar with the work involved in each link of the project delivery process;
  • Understand the aspects of application migration, data migration, security and compliance, and is able to propose solutions to common problems;
  • Experience providing an assessment of current state architecture and recommendations of future state architecture;
  • You can collaborate with diverse technical delivery teams to build service-based architecture to scale and innovate;
  • You have a good overall view and sense of collaboration and are able to carry out cross-departmental collaboration smoothly;
  • Demonstrated ability to manage and resolve conflicts with stakeholder(s);
  • Demonstrated ability to understand and explain issues from both a technical and a business functional point of view;
  • A willingness to jump into projects and complex environments to make sense of ambiguous details. 
Nice to have:
  • Understanding of Enterprise Architecture core concepts;
  • Be familiar with Enterprise Architecture Framework e.g. TOGAF, Zachman;
  • Familiarity with Archimate modeling standard. 

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