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Project Overview:

We are looking for a senior Unity and Simulation SW Engineer to join and lead parts of the team with technical leadership to improve our fast evolving Autonomous Driving (AD) simulator. Our AD simulator is getting a lot of traction from AD companies and developer communities recently, and we are aiming at positioning our AD simulator as industry de facto simulation platform for future mobility services driven by technologies of autonomy.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Develop Unity-based Autonomous Driving and Robotics Simulation;
  • Enhance the performance of AD simulation in terms of photorealism and latency;
  • Develop sensor modeling algorithm for AD simulation based on GPU-based HW acceleration;
  • Develop vehicle dynamics modeling algorithm or interface for commercial models available from 3rd parties;
  • Develop intelligent traffic modeling modules where non-ego vehicles or pedestrians;
  • Develop procedurally generated road networks using HD Map;
  • GPU-based processing for point cloud to generate and reconstruct 3D map.


  • Bachelor's degree 5 years of experience; or a Master's degree with 2 years; or a PhD with 1+ years of experience; or equivalent experience in computer science or related areas;
  • General Unity, scripting interactions and animations in Unity, understands rendering engine, shaders, experience doing simulations/sensors/maps;
  • Strong Unity and game engine development experience;
  • Strong knowledge and experience with GPU based data processing to enhance the performance.

Preferred Experience:

  • C# and .NET knowledge 3 years;
  • Unity3D game development experience;
  • Knowledge of HDRP rendering pipeline;
  • HLSL, GLSL knowledge, experience in creating custom shaders;
  • Knowledge of tools for procedural asset generation (Houdini and etc.);
  • Strong VR / AR development experiences;
  • Academic achievements (publication, etc.) in Computer Graphics and related area preferred;
  • Knowledge and experience in Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning preferred.
Надіслати резюме