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Project Overview:

Our Client is an online games & casino operator located in The Netherlands and targeting UK and the Nordics who is looking to expanding business to new markets and is in the search for top notch talents to help them on their quest.
The Client is looking for UI/UX Designer who can help them improve their platform in areas where for example conversion is bad or below average, and present solutions how to improve that, and design it. The role is a bit broader as it requires experience with Banner Ads, Landing pages, A/B testing to optimise conversions.
Ideal candidate needs to be on the one hand driven by metrics to see what needs improvement, and on the other hand needs to be creative and proactive to take Client’s brand to the next level.


  • Design experiences for web services and mobile apps; 
  • Perform user research, design prototypes, and verify results; 
  • Use various analytic tools to base decisions on real data; 
  • Create UCD based on market analysis, customer feedback, and usability findings; 
  • Simply communicate complex ideas, whether on paper, face to face, or designing UX and UI; 
  • Manage multiple tasks, meet deadlines, and work well under pressure.

We expect: 

  • 4+ years of UX/UI experience; 
  • Rich and self-explanatory portfolio; 
  • Strong emphasis on the user research; 
  • Understanding of the specific patterns for different HCI, web, and mobile platforms; 
  • Proficiency in a variety of design tools such as Sketch, Adobe CC;
  • Experience with analytics tools like Google Analytics, Segment, Hotjar; 
  • Good taste is a must; 
  • Open mindset and aspiration to be a team player; 
  • Strong communication skills; 
  • Upper intermediate English; 
  • Experience in the gambling industry is a plus. 
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