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Project Overview:

Our Client is a leading worldwide Korean high-tech company operating in many different areas. The main objective is to develop a Web app integration of the Autonomous Vehicle Simulator located in the cloud environment according to the provided Software Requirements.

We are looking for a performance-driven developer who can help us design, plan and lead both frontend and backend teams to achieve the common goal. Build the system from scratch and be a part of the future here and now!


  • Plan web app's backend architecture;
  • Design the system and scale it;
  • Implement cool new features, services, and APIs for the cloud Autonomous Vehicle Simulator;
  • Write reusable code and libraries;
  • Optimize the application for maximum speed and scalability;
  • Implement security and data protection;
  • Perform code review.


  • 5+ years in IT and 3+ years of development experience in JavaScript;
  • End to end web experience;
  • Proficiency in backend with Node.js at least 3+ years of commercial development;
  • Good understanding of computer science in algorithms, analysis, computer organization, data structures;
  • Experience in Virtualization/Containerization: Docker;
  • Experience with Redis/MySQL/PostgreSQL - indexing, performance optimization, etc;
  • Experience with unit/integration tests using: jest, mocha, nock, chai, etc.;
  • Mandatory soft skills combined with excellent English and the ability to go out of the comfort zone to learn new technologies.

Nice to have:

  • TypeScript experience;
  • Familiar with Hadoop/HDFS/SPARK;
  • Understands Kubernetes/AWS ECS;
  • Would be a plus to have experience in Terraform.

Higher Education: Bachelor's Degree would be a plus but not required.

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