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Senior Scala Engineer

Проект: HERE
ЛьвівОдеса Scala Senior 12079

Наш клієнт – глобальний лідер на ринку електронних карт та геолокаційних сервісів. Продукти компанії користуються значним попитом та доступні у майже 200 країнах світу. Виступаючи стратегічним R&D партнером компанії в Україні, Intellias допомагає клієнту розробляти технологічне ядро або, іншими словами, платформу, що є основою будь-якого продукту чи рішення компанії. Дізнатись більше про проект

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Project Overview:

Highly customizable OTA software management solution with sealess integration.

HERE OTA Connect is a full-stack client/server software solution built around the Uptane security framework, featuring a microservice architecture and an open-source core.
The solution, which provides open APIs, give users the ability to create targeted update campaigns, monitor existing campaigns, and securely update map data, software, and firmware inside a vehicle.
Although OTA updates are relatively new for some types of automotive software, several large players in the automotive industry have implemented some form of OTA technology in the last few.

Several functions OTA covers:

The first types of software applications to be updated with OTA technology were applications that controlled non-critical functions. These types of updates included content updates for navigation maps and updates to specialty apps that were included as part of infotainment systems. 
The software files were relatively small and updates didn’t pose any major safety risk.OTA technology is also gradually being adopted to update the core software that runs the entire infotainment system, but these updates tend to be larger in size and require more bandwidth.
These types of updates can be slow to complete on a standard mobile data network and are more suited to faster Wi-Fi connections. Another component that is increasingly updated OTA is the Telematics Control Unit (TCU). 
TCUs connect cars to the outside world and are commonly used to track the location of the vehicle using GPS technology. However, they’re also used for services such as traffic updates, roadside assistance and remotely controlling garage doors.


  • Drive knowledge transfer process to quickly learn app architecture;
  • Participate in technical discussions to find a right architecture/design solution;
  • Participate in daily meetings to by in sync with other team members;
  • Develop new features and fix defects according to set priorities;
  • Provide design, implementation and complete testing of new features;
  • Maintain feature coverage by unit and integration tests;
  • Write a highly optimized сode, maintain app performance;
  • Design interfaces and implementation to support reusability, testability and modularity;I
  • Integrate the solution with other parts of Navigation platform.


  • Knowledge in DevOps;
  • Software development experience in Scala;
  • Knowledge of big-data systems such as Kafka, Samza, Spark;
  • Deep knowledge of data structures, algorithms, distributed systems, and information retrieval;
  • Passionate about learning new technologies and solving hard problems;
  • Team player with excellent communication skills.
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