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Project Overview:

The Vexcel Data Program is a new effort to bring world-class imagery to internet-scale cloud services. Our backbone is the best-in-class UltraCam hardware; our job is to work with worldwide partners to take this aerial imagery and build a scaled-out cloud service that supports industry and government agencies. We are building on leading cloud technologies. We are partnering with several leading GIS providers; expertise and/or background in GIS capabilities is a huge plus.

Cloud Services

We are currently focused on AWS but we foresee using Azure and other cloud services in the future. In the near term the primary development tasks for Cloud Services will be:

  • Collaborating with senior developers across the organization to architect and develop a REST API across our data/content;
  • Collaborate with senior engineers to architect and develop Access Control across our data/content;
  • Work with Product Management to ensure we have the proper micro-services, API, and security models for our customers to consume data/content;
  • js, Python, React and other web technologies are highly desirable.

Cloud Operations

We are looking for someone who can automate things in the cloud where possible e.g. continuous deployment vs. pushing to production. Skills with AWS are crucial; Azure is a nice win. Knowing Internet-standard tools is important as we build this platform.

  • ArcGIS, Orbit, QGIS and other GIS tools – we will use a variety of tools from partners such as Esri and Orbit. These tools will need to be deployed, maintained, secured, and highly-available;
  • AWS S3, EC3, Elastic Beanstalk, Lambda;
  • Security is critical; you will be working closely with Product Management to design and manage credentials and services.


  • BS in Computer Sciences or similar preferred; comparable industry experience sufficient. 

Computer skills: 

  • Fluent with Python;
  • Knowledge of ArcGIS, GIS tools, skills around GIS;
  • Knowledge of AWS Lambda, AWS S3, REST API design, security, ACLs;
  • Knowledge of JS, React will be a plus.


  • Spoken and written English are critical; as a distributed team we are on Slack and video calls often. 

Personal skills: 

  • We are a small team – we roll up our sleeves and pitch in regardless of job title, job role, or background. This feels more like a startup than a successful middle-tier company; we’re hungry and passionate and want to get good work done.
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