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Senior or Strong Middle DevOps/Cloud Infrastructure Engineer

ЛьвівКиїв DevOps Intermediate Strong 11723

Веб-проект з хмарною архітектурою на основі Microsoft Azure для підготовки та організації тренінгів за допомогою відеокурсів для понад мільйона активних корпоративних та приватних користувачів зі всього світу. Відео уроки надають можливість легко вивчати продукти Microsoft, а також рішення інших розробників, наприклад OpenOffice, Novel та Corel. Дізнатись більше про проект

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Project Overview:

Hear the roar! We offer you to contribute to the intelligent learning solution that delivers both e-learning platform and personalized content to nurture software literacy among employees from Fortune 500 companies around the globe. Every day we are changing the way thousands of organizations and millions of people learn, grow, and work.

The client has already grown up into market leader thanks to our initial effort. And now we are stepping up bigger and smarter as never before. We will gather a great volume of data aggregated from customers network and from comprehensive users' research to introduce machine learning algorithms to engage learners even deeper.

Striving to update the product with brand-new features, we need to adopt new technologies and take even more responsibility for our client's success. We are looking for people ready to step far from comfort zone to challenge each teammate with the highest bar of deliverable quality and engineering excellence. To meet such ambitious objectives, we plan to scale up a product-oriented team ready to participate in the decision-making process and continuously disrupt the market with day-to-day releases.

Join our project, and together we will deliver a solution which not just teaches. We will change the everyday workplace experience of the end-users, enabling them to accomplish their work tasks faster and smarter than ever before.

Technology stack:

AZURE (App Services, BLOBs, SQL DBs, Cosmos DB, Azure Funcs, AMS, ARMs, EventHub, ServiceBus, Traffic Manager, Application Insights, ... you name it, and we probably have it), ASP.NET MVC, OWIN, HTML5, Entity Framework, WebApi, SPA JavaScript frameworks (AngularJS, Durandal, REACT), ECMASCRIPT 6, JS plugins and frameworks: JQuery, Knockout, Breeze, Bootstrap, Gulp, WEBPACK.

Testing frameworks: Mocha, Chai, Sinon.JS, Enzyme, NUnit, Moq, AutoFixture, FluentAssertions, ApprovalTests, Selenium.

CI/CD tools: VSTS, Jenkins

SDLC tools: Jira Software, Confluence, Jira Portfolio, TestRail, etc.

Responsibilities primarily include:

  • Designing and developing automation solutions related to CI/CD activities;
  • Building repeatable and automated solutions;
  • Augmenting existing monitoring solutions;
  • Reporting on key metrics related to role;
  • Designing and build tooling to augment the workflow of engineering teams;
  • Increasing release automation and build release safety metrics;
  • Troubleshooting issues occurred in development, production environments.


  • 3+ years of experience as a DevOps/Cloud Infrastructure Engineer; 
  • B.Sc. degree or higher in Computer Science or related fields; 
  • Proven knowledge and expertise in CI/CD best practices (blue/green deployments, canary release, other practices for zero downtime deployments); 
  • Self- motivated, well-organized, details-oriented and a strong team player; 
  • Very good communication skills in English both written and spoken; 
  • Proven expertise in continuous integration tools i.e. VSTS (preferred), Jenkins, TeamCity, Thought Works Go, etc.; 
  • Good knowledge of PowerShell scripting; 
  • Working experience with Azure cloud platform (majority of Azure services, IaC: ARM templates, etc); 
  • Experience with .Net development, docker containers, release management and artifact repository tools is an advantage.
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