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Senior Full Stack JavaScript / React Developer

Проект: EX.CO
ЛьвівКиївОдесаХарківІвано-Франківськ JavaScript Senior 14726

Своїми сервісами EX.CO змінює уявлення користувачів про контент, надаючи їм змогу працювати з новими, інтерактивними форматами сторітелінгу. Дізнатись більше про проект

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Project Overview:

Can you solve any challenge in JavaScript and create high-scale back end web platforms?

Are you passionate about working on the latest, cutting-edge front end and back end technologies?

If so, the EX.CO R&D team is right for you.

EX.CO is changing the way content is created and consumed, globally. In the past 8 years, we have been making magic with the world’s biggest publishers and brands (Huffpost, ESPN, Unilever, Major League Baseball, Netflix, and many more), who tell their most important stories with our platform’s interactive storytelling tools.

Data is one of the greatest strengths of EX.CO. With 16K publishers delivering content to 242M+ active users every month, we do great things: Big Data Analysis, Insights for our Publishers and Brands, Challenging data modeling and more.


  • You will develop code that works on a scale, relevant both for back end and client (300M+ active monthly users, 500M+ page views, 6B analytics events, CDN, Caching layers, scaling, performance, etc.);
  • You will be one of a small, very strong, development team and take a major role;
  • You will take full ownership of projects from design to implementation and deployment;
  • You will be responsible for creating a product that should look and feel great in every site, platform, and device;
  • Your tasks will be mostly frontend-related, however you will have solve backend challenges regularly.

Technology Stack:

  • Front end: React, Sass, Webpack, etc.;
  • Back end: Microservices with Node.js (ES6), AWS Cloud, ELB, Docker, Jenkins.


  • 4+ years of hands-on experience with web development, using React and Nodejs;
  • Understanding of fundamental design principles behind a scalable application;
  • Comfortable with full-stack projects and able to build a minimum viable product quickly;
  • Experience in leading design and architecture related activities;
  • Proven experience working in a startup and corporate companies, meaning you will be expected to be organized and committed to the highest code quality along with handling context switches;
  • Experience with AWS or other cloud providers;
  • English upper-intermediate.
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