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Project Overview:

Our fast-growing and professional team is looking for Senior DevOps who will join to the development of Cloud Voice Platform application based on SaaS solution. Our client is one of the leading telecommunications companies based in the United States. Our client, together with our teams in Kyiv and Kharkiv, uses the Agile oriented approaches and trending technologies such as AWS, Cassandra, Hadoop, Python, Scala, Microservices. By joining our team, you will get exceptional technical\multinational experience working with highly scalable, resilient solutions, and innovative products that already on production.


A Senior DevOps Engineer has a deep knowledge and understanding of traditional operations infrastructure and assets and how to integrate them into fully architected solutions to support developers using automation and coding of self-service tools where solutions are not available.

  • Manage AWS assets and be able to integrate multiple AWS resources into solutions were appropriate for our projects;
  • Identify and then propose solutions to streamline the development process;
  • Architect or provide the "glue" using automation (cli apps, ansible playbooks, custom python/java apps or web portals) to support development processes and use operations/cloud infrastructure;
  • Participate in or lead discussions about solutions to support developer applications and needs;
  • Define and make sure non-functional requirements and practices are followed;
  • Work with PMO to ensure and own scheduling of non-functional requirements and DevOps tasks;
  • Strong understanding of current best CI/CD practices and also be flexible to get the best fit for the current environment;
  • Understand testing automation and how to integrate testing automation into agile CI/CD pipelines;
  • Helps push and architect visibility of the platform health and metrics using monitoring tools like datadog to create meaningful and useful dashboards and monitors;
  • Automate build and deployment processes of different types of applications.


  • Programming skills: read and understand Java (preferred);
  • SQL - at the level of reading and understanding;
  • Strong background in configuration as code DSLs such as Chef cookbooks, Puppet modules, or Ansible Playbooks;
  • Buildkite (preferred) or Jenkins or GitLab;
  • Scripting: Python (preferred) or Ruby or Node.js;
  • AWS CloudFormation (preferred) or Terraform or vRealize;
  • AWS (preferred) or Azure or Google;
  • AWS ECS (preferred) or Swarm or Kubernetes;
  • Build Tools: Maven;
  • Monitoring: Prometheus (preferred) or DataDog or other;
  • Logging: Scalyr (preferred) or Elk Stack or other;
  • Business Operations: Pager Duty (preferred) or OpsGenie or AlertOps or other;
  • Good communications skills;
  • Ability to deep study and experiment with new technologies and come to the best solution for the problem or environment and then architect or implement the solution;
  • Follow through with projects and be able to complete, not just POC as solution;
  • Detail oriented approach.

Higher Education: Not required/Bachelor’s Degree/Master’s Degree/MBA (please leave the correct one).

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