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Project Overview:

Join Intellias ML/AI team, which is focused on advanced software for different areas: from self-driving cars to self-service shops.

You will work with different customers all over the world and will be involved in all stages of solution creation: from technical proposal to shipping of the final product.


  • Expertise in Python; 
  • Knowledge of DS libraries (more - better): Keras, Tensorflow, Pytorch, Caffe2, scikit-learn, numpy, matplotlib, Darknet;
  • Experience with (more – better): 
  • Finance/Banking domain or similar approaches (behavioral models, scoring/recommendation systems); 
  • Object detection, keypoint detection;
  • Semantic segmentation, Instance segmentation; 
  • Object tracking, gesture recognition, scene understanding, movement / action prediction; 
  • Perspective transformation, fast Fourier transform, low pass filters, high pass filters; 
  • Data preparation: data augmentation, annotation, labeling. 

The following would be a big plus: 

  • C/C++;
  • OpenCV; 
  • Tools – Jupiter notebook, Docker.
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