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Senior C++ Developer Generalist

Проект: HERE
ЛьвівКиїв C/C++ Senior 12059

Наш клієнт – глобальний лідер на ринку електронних карт та геолокаційних сервісів. Продукти компанії користуються значним попитом та доступні у майже 200 країнах світу. Виступаючи стратегічним R&D партнером компанії в Україні, Intellias допомагає клієнту розробляти технологічне ядро або, іншими словами, платформу, що є основою будь-якого продукту чи рішення компанії. Дізнатись більше про проект

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Project Overview:

We are fast growing and highly motivated team, which is developing a real-time cartography solution which works on different platforms (from embedded devices like in-car devices, mobile device (Android, iOS, Symbian), to enterprise solutions). We are designing and implementing features in our proprietary next-generation 3D engine used for map rendering. The selected candidate will have the opportunity to implement new features into our 3D engine which vary from rendering-specific to algorithmic and system\platform-wide.

MapLab is the customization frontend for HERE Advanced Rendering Platform. MapLab architecture is based on idea of a client server model: where we have a web-frontend which is responsible to represent a styling UI to the user, and a map rendering server. The web-frontend acts as the client here and communicates through a REST API and web sockets with the map rendering server. The client is responsible to query all map related styling information from map rendering server and displays them in a designer friendly way to the user. All styling related manipulations are handled through the REST API which is used by the web-front to communicate with the map rendering server.

Technology Stack: 

  • C++ 11; 
  • CI(Jenkins), Gerrit/Git; 
  • Embedded systems; 
  • Debugging tools gdb, valgrind etc. 

Responsibilities include: 

  • Develop new features for the map rendering engine; 
  • Participate on technical discussion to find a right architecture/design solution; 
  • Write a highly optimized C/C++ code; 
  • Provide time estimates and time/performance/quality trade offs to management. 


  • 4+ years of experience in software engineering; 
  • Proficiency in C++11 and later; 
  • Knowledge about concurrent programming;
  • Proficiency in general CS algorithms, memory structures and design patterns;
  • Experience with writing automated tests and testable code;
  • Development experience with applications with extendable plugin systems;
  • Knowledge about REST API and Rest API documentations like OpenAPI/Swagger;
  • Familiar in writing an HTTP Rest/ WebSocket server, we are using civet web as the underlying server library; 
  • Familiar about async threaded network request handling; 
  • Working knowledge about Qt and QML;
  • Excellent analytical, algorithmic and optimization skills; 
  • At least upper-intermediate level of English, well-developed communication skills; 
  • Understanding of Agile methodologies and engineering practices; 
  • Excellent analytical, algorithmic and optimization skills; 
  • Excellent knowledge of OOAD, architecture and design patterns API design principles; 
  • Passionate about programming, strong focus on performance aspects; 
  • Self-motivated, well-organized, details-oriented and a very strong team player.  

Nice to have : 

  • Proficient with HARP 
  • Understanding the styling systems with its internal and external representation; 
  • Proficient with HARP`s carto css; 
  • Proficiency in CMake. As a bonus skill familiarity with the HERE CMake system. 
  • Experience of working with embedded systems and hardware; 
  • Experience of working with Docker, CI, Jenkins; 
  • Willing to regularly travel to Western Europe. 
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