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Project Overview:

We are hiring an Information Security Analyst to work in our growing IT Security team. You will monitor our computer networks for security issues, install and support security software, research new security technology and document any security issues or breaches you find. Information security analyst must continually adapt to stay a step ahead of cyberattackers and stay up to date on the latest methods attackers are using to infiltrate computer systems and on IT security


  • Perform various security related tasks according to security operating procedure;
  • Participate on interconnecting the SIEM tool with sources of security incidents — e.g. logs from servers and applications, IDS/IPS, network and security devices, Vulnerability Management system, Antivirus system, etc.; 
  • Build new use cases and enhance already existing ones, create alerts and monitoring dashboards, build reporting and Security KPI;
  • Develop and fine-tune security processes and procedure;
  • Actively detect and identify security weaknesses and determine the required remediation plan;
  • Work on improvements and or automation of existing systems;
  • Perform security incident analysis and recommend remediation steps;
  • Participate on automation of the incidents prioritization and false positives identification;
  • Act as a first-line contact point for various security consultations;
  • Cloud security (Azure, AWS).


  • At least 2 year of professional experience with IT and Network Security products and services, at least one year of professional experience with SIEM platforms and of doing security analytics; 
  • Solid experience in IT Security Incident Management; 
  • Knowledge and experience with Unix-like/Microsoft operating systems (where you have practical experience hardening them and solid understanding of how they work); 
  • Knowledge of IT and Network Security principles, techniques and technologies; 
  • Practical knowledge of security systems on the market (eg. Firewall, Antimalware, SSL/IPSec VPN, Proxy, Remote Access, PKI, DLP, etc.); 
  • Expert knowledge of Networking protocols and technologies, e.g. TCP/IP, Firewalls, NGFW, Routers, etc.; 
  • Application security and general information security knowledge (eg. XSS, buffer overflow, URL tampering, SQL Injection, DDoS, Botnets, etc.); 
  • Programming and/or scripting skills in any of the following: Python, Php, Bash, Powershell, Java; 
  • Proficiency in written and spoken English. 

Will be plus:

  • Experience with Vulnerability scanners and/or penetration testing; 
  • Experience with IDS/IPS solutions (Snort, NGIPS); 
  • IT Security Certifications; 
  • Experience in International Security Standards (ISO/IEC 27001, PCI DSS, NIST 800-53; will be plus - SOC2, GDPR);
  • University degree in Information Technology, ideally IT Security related.
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