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Project Overview:

Intellias is working as partner for Ukrainian entity of Top European Retail Bank in scaling of engineering capacity and deliver great software.

The client is a Ukrainian entity of Top European Retail Bank. We are starting the innovative project in area of Card payments, reporting, accounting.

Goal of project is to implement modern infrastructure to achieve Customers growth, Increase sales & x-sell, Improve customer service, current IT landscape optimization and simplification.

Project team will be 60+ people splitted on several streams/ cross-functional teams. 

Delivery Model: Scrum

Project roadmap: 2-3 years (we are planning long-term engagement of the team)



  • Analyst/Developer/Tester/IT PM/PO other similar hard skill background with experience in enterprise scale organizations;
  • 3+ year of practical experience in Scrum teams;
  • experience in Scrum processes establishment with further adjustments;
  • proven experience in managing teams of 4-10 people;
  • proven ability to conduct effective retrospectives and personal devotion to continuous improvement of team performance;
  • strong understanding of different software methodologies - SCRUM, Agile, RUP, Waterfall;
  • advanced practical facilitation skills (deep understanding of facilitation session stages, artifacts, goals and techniques);
  • experience in scaled agile frameworks (i.e. LESS, SAFE, Spotify, other) is an advantage;
  • good skills in decision making, leadership, team building, coaching and motivating, communication, cultural awareness, and negotiating;
  • intermediate or advanced level of English. 


  • support development teams as a Scrum-Master in the introduction and establishment of Scrum;
  • help the product owner to create and organize the product backlog;
  • train and support Scrum teams in the introduction of scrum and agile methods;
  • coach Scrum teams until the teams have internalized the agile methods in their actions.
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