Project Overview:

To provide smooth navigation experience every system should be supplied with the live traffic information which is updated continuously. Client, which could be either mobile application or car navigation system, at every moment of time needs actual status on road traffic, average speed on current and the next road segments, incidents information and so on. 
Traffic team works on solutions that provide and consume this kind of data in different formats for automotive customers and end clients. Also, the team is in charge of the proper collection of the Local Hazard Warnings and it’s rendering on the map. 
Working at the Traffic team we understand that our work provides a facade for the multiple applications and systems that rely not only on correct map data but also on fresh and accurate traffic information. 

Андрій Годун
  • Take part in the creation of release plans;
  • Monitor and report code quality KPIs;
  • Automate release process;
  • Define and follow release process including related best practices;
  • Communicate release related needs to engineering teams;
  • Monitor and report release quality metrics in conjunction with Quality Assurance Team;
  • Define strategy for generating, storing and maintaining deliverables and artifacts;
  • Contribute to Continuous Integration system for release related activities;
  • Ability to perform in a tight deadline.
  • Bachelor's or Master's Degree in Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics or an equivalent qualification;
  • 2+ years of practical proven experience in the software development field [QA, Automated QA, or DevOps];
  • Good understanding of Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery;
  • Knowledge in programming and/or scripting languages (bash, python, etc.);
  • Understanding of distributed version control tools (git, Gerrit);
  • Knowledge Unix systems;
  • High level of self-organization and troubleshooting skills;
  • Good level of communication and reporting skills;
  • Ability to work efficiently under pressure with tight deadlines and demanding quality objectives;
  • Outstanding communication and teamwork skills;
  • Self-starter and proactive attitude;
  • Passion for quality and technical challenges;
  • Ability to learn fast and ramp-up to cutting-edge technologies;
  • Upper-intermediate level in English (both written and spoken).
Nice to have:
  • Understanding of QA process and automation tools;
  • Experience with tools like GitLab, Jenkins, GoCD, GoPiplines;
  • Understanding of Amazon Web Services (EC2, S3, DynamoDB);
  • Containerization and orchestration (Docker, Kubernetes);
  • JIRA/Atlassian stack knowledge;
  • Familiarity with location-based applications and paradigms.

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