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Project Overview:

Intellias is working as partner for Ukrainian entity of Top European Retail Bank in scaling of engineering capacity and deliver great software.

The client is a Ukrainian entity of Top European Retail Bank. We are starting the innovative project in area of Card payments, reporting, accounting.

Goal of project is to implement modern infrastructure to achieve Customers growth, Increase sales & x-sell, Improve customer service, current IT landscape optimization and simplification.

Project team will be 60+ people splitted on several streams/ cross-functional teams.

Delivery Model: Scrum.

Project roadmap: 2-3 years (we are planning long-term engagement of the team).


  • Vulnerabilities discovery in Manual and Automated ways as part of Penetration testing and Application Security reviews;
  • Manual test of binaries for vulnerabilities;
  • Evaluation of security risks and recommendation of threat mitigations;
  • Documentation of findings; Record PoC videos; Reports presentation;
  • Security training for internal QA and Development teams.


  • Ability to manually find and exploit vulnerabilities in web and on-premise applications;
  • Experience with various penetration testing tools on Linux, Windows Mac, Android, IOS (Jeb, IDA Pro, Wireshark, Burp Suit, Drozzer, PyCharm, Process hacker, etc.);
  • Experience at BlackBox and/or WhiteBox application assessment;
  • Deep knowledge of one or more operating systems (Linux, Windows, Mac, IOS, Android, ect.);
  • Knowledge of different attack techniques (OWASP top 10; WASC; SQL injection; XSS; CSRF; SSRF; XXE; http response splitting; cache poisoning; code injection; MITM http/https, etc.);
  • Experience with HTML, XML, JavaScript, CSS, SQL, and JSON;
  • Experience to assess security with databases: SQL, nosql, LDAP;
  • Knowledge and understanding of Application Security, System and Network Security, Authentication and Security protocols.
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