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Project Overview: 

An intelligent workspace management tool for smart offices in the 21st century. The system provides real time overview of office space capacity as well as an analysis to optimize the office layout. Space utilization can be optimized both in real time, and in the long run, leading to cost-savings through more efficient usage of the limited resource of space.


  • Assist with design of the overall architecture; 
  • Implement new features, services, and APIs; 
  • Bug fixing.


  • Experience with Microservices Architecture, Event sourcing and Message Brokers; 
  • Experience with REST; 
  • Proficiency in JavaScript ES6++ and Node.js (4+ years); 
  • Experience with TypeScript (1+ year); 
  • Experience with NoSQL databases (MongoDB, Redis); 
  • A Team player with very good communication skills in English; 
  • Understanding of Agile methodologies and engineering practices.

Preferred skills: 

  • Experience with React.js/Redux/MobX; 
  • Experience in working with automated build processes (e.g. Webpack); 
  • Experience with CI/CD; 
  • Experience with AWS; 
  • Experience with Postman; 
  • Experience with UML.
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