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Middle System Administrator/DevOps

Проект: CRX Markets
Львів DevOps Intermediate 12110

Ми працюємо з платформою, яка вирішує проблему supply chain financing. Клієнтами нашого замовника є Lufthansa, Nestle, Vattenfall. CRX Markets отримав чимало нагород, одна з яких - перемога у конкурсі Fintech Startup та звання найкращого фінансового стартапу Німеччини. Дізнатись більше про проект

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Project Overview:

Сompany of our customer is the award winner of Best Fintech Startup and Best Financial Product contests in Germany. The product, they are creating is an innovative electronic trading marketplace for Asset-Based Financing solutions that connects Buyers, Suppliers, Banks and Institutional Investors. This platform will dramatically change SCF (Supply Chain Financing) processes, providing completely new financing possibilities on the b2b market. Within 4 years, our client managed to create a product that meets high standards of international financial industry, and to acquire and integrate several international corporate clients like Lufthanse, Nestle, Vattenfall.

We're looking for Monitoring Engineer (System Administraor, DevOps) who will play a key role in design and implementation of a new monitoring infrastructure for CRX Markets IT systems. He/she will ensure that the new monitoring infrastructure includes necessary functionality for observing availability and performance of CRX production environment and other crucial company IT systems, for distributing alerts, and for collecting and visualization of relevant business data.

Monitoring Engineer will closely work with CRX IT infrastructure team, ensuring that the new monitoring system is built in line with the operational needs.


  • Hands-on experience in implementation and support of monitoring solutions;
  • Self-organized, commitment to continuous improvement, value delivery for team/customers, ability to work in a team;
  • Sufficient level of Linux system administration skills;
  • Basic scripting (shell, bash, python) and/or software development skills.

Bonus skills:

  • Experience with automation and configuration management tools (Chef, Puppet, Ansible etc...);
  • Experience with virtualization, containerization and orchestration.


  • Implement monitoring solution based on Prometheus/Graphana and ELK stack. Extend capabilities of the monitoring system when existing functionality is not sufficient;
  • The monitoring solution shall cover multizone AWS-based infrastructure and on-premises systems;
  • The system shall support different notification channels (chat, email, SMS) of notifications and escalation rules;
  • Design and implementation of the new monitoring system shall be well documented. Sufficient maintenance and extension guides need to be provided;
  • Rollout of the monitoring system to new components shall be automated.
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Ольга Цимбалюк