Project Overview:

Being one of the fastest growing service providers in Eastern Europe here at Intellias we are investing into building up our capability to support growth in the next 3-5 years. Operational Excellence in everything related to generation of new revenue is a key component of these capabilities. We are looking for a senior leader to join our team and manage portfolio of functions essential for productivity of Marketing, Sales and Account Management (aka Growth Organization). 

Рекрутинг лід
Анастасія Кісельова
  • Partner with leaders of Sales and Marketing organization to ensure Growth target are met and system works efficiently along the way;
  • Design, manage and gradually improve portfolio of processes, systems and best practices supporting revenue generation (for both New Logos and Existing Accounts growth);
  • Manage revenue forecasting, planning and budgeting process for Growth Enablement, Sales and Account Management organizations. Coordinate planning activities with other functions and stakeholders within the company;
  • Maintain set of KPIs and metrics used for performance management of Sales, Account Management and Growth Enablement organizations. Ensure all Growth objectives are aligned, assigned in timely fashion, data is up to date in CRM and other systems, sales reports show actual information. Provide company leadership with transparent visibility of Sales and Account Management performance;
  • Setup and manage regular reporting and review sessions for Growth Organizations;
  • Manage and improve Sales and Account Management Operations process and key activities: pipeline management, account planning, key gates in the process. Find gaps and inefficiencies in the process and fix them systematically;
  • Participate and facilitate Sales Quota setting, track and measure its achievement, administrate sales compensation model;
  • Lead and develop existing Sales Operations organization and develop it to cover other aspects of Growth Operations;
  • Serve as an escalation point for any Sales Operation question;
  • Responsible for the development and maintenance of all sales reporting, dashboards, metrics and analyses. Develop and maintain CRM system.
  • Business savvy mindset;
  • Previous experience of building operations, designing and managing KPI systems in complex international business environments is a must;
  • Experience of working in Sales, Sales Operations or closely related area. Deep understanding of Sales process and related concepts is a must. Experience in managing sales teams will be a big plus;
  • System thinking and analytical mindset. Deep understanding of the business and financial management. Ability to identify issues, conceptualize and implement solutions in practice;
  • Strong leadership and communication skills. Fluent written and verbal English is a must;
  • Demonstrable ability to deal with executive-level internal stakeholders across multiple cultures, time zones, and corporate functions;
  • Ability to apply scientific, data-driven approach to operations management;
  • Ability to think out of the box, applying creative approach towards unexpected roadblocks and limitations;
  • Strong team management skills, ability to select, motivate and grow people.
Nice to have:
  • Degree in Management, Economics and/or MBA will be a big plus;
  • Previous experience of work in major international corporations and/or Big 4 consulting firm will be a big plus;
  • Experience in IT will be a plus.

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