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Project Overview:

Join Intellias ML/AI Team, which is focused on advanced machine learning solutions for different areas: from self-driving cars to self-service shops. You will work with different customers all over the world and will be involved in all stages of solution creation: from technical proposal to shipping of the final product. You will have the opportunity to work in different ML subdomains with respect to your interests, skills and experience.


  • Master's or PhD degree in a relevant domain (math statistics, math modelling, computer science, etc.);
  • Deep expertise in Python development. Knowledge of basic data structures and algorithms;
  • Good knowledge in classical machine learning algorithms, deep learning, modern neural network approaches;
  • Knowledge of ML frameworks and libraries (more - better): Tensorflow, Keras, Pytorch, Caffe2, scikit-learn, numpy, matplotlib, OpenCV, word2vec.

Experience with (more – better):

  • LP, chatbots development, text content understanding;
  • Object detection and tracking. -Gesture recognition, scene understanding, movement/action prediction. Semantic segmentation and instance semantic segmentation;
  • Timeseries analysis: forecasting, clustering and classification;
  • Data preparation: raw data annotation and labeling, data augmentation and normalization.

The following would be a big plus:

  • C/C++, Java;
  • Linux, Docker.
Надіслати резюме