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Project Overview:

An intelligent workspace management tool for smart offices in the 21st century. The system provides real time overview of office space capacity as well as an analysis to optimize the office layout. Space utilization can be optimized both in real time, and in the long run, leading to cost-savings through more efficient usage of the limited resource of space.


  • A Lead Software Developer will have an agile mind-set, and will develop a deep technical understanding and business perspective on the product they are working on;
  • Works with the technical team to size and plan development work including sequencing; 
  • Works with the business reps for UAT and for establishing feedback on functionality; 
  • Develops and tests code in accordance with the agreed plans and to the quality standards; 
  • Develops full range of applications including mobile apps, web applications and out of the box configurations; 
  • Supports full digital service catalogue activities; 
  • Undertakes detailed design and component level design.


  • 5 years of development experience gained in leading edge, digital environment;
  • BS in Computer Sciences or similar preferred; comparable industry experience sufficient;
  • Excellent in one from following:
  • React Native knowledge with 3+ years of on-hands experience ;
  • JavaScript knowledge with 3+ years of on-hands experience and willing to switch to React Native development;
  • iOS knowledge with 4+ years of on-hands experience, basic knowledge in JavaScript and willing to switch to React Native development;
  • Experience with Redux;
  • Proven experience with SQL and NoSQL databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQlite, MongoDB, Redis;
  • Experience with test tools, experience with CI/CD processes is a plus;
  • Familiar with AWS and/or Azure ecosystem;
  • Understanding and ability to drive the team towards rapid prototyping and building Minimum Viable Products (MVP);
  • Good team working including interactions with business users;
  • Strong organization, multi-tasking and time management skills;
  • Self-organizing, achieve tasks without constant monitoring;
  • Strong communication skills (English) - written and oral - and the ability to present and advocate ideas to various audiences (technical and non-technical).
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