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Lead Java Developer (CRX Markets)

Проект: CRX Markets
ЛьвівІвано-Франківськ Java Team Lead 10313

Ми працюємо з платформою, яка вирішує проблему supply chain financing. Клієнтами нашого замовника є Lufthansa, Nestle, Vattenfall. CRX Markets отримав чимало нагород, одна з яких - перемога у конкурсі Fintech Startup та звання найкращого фінансового стартапу Німеччини. Дізнатись більше про проект

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Project Overview:

Сompany of our customer is the award winner of Best Fintech Startup and Best Financial Product contests in Germany. The product, they are creating is an innovative electronic trading marketplace for Asset-Based Financing solutions that connects Buyers, Suppliers, Banks and Institutional Investors. This platform will dramatically change SCF (Supply Chain Financing) processes, providing completely new financing possibilities on the b2b market. Within 4 years, our client managed to create a product that meets high standards of international financial industry, and to acquire and integrate several international corporate clients like Lufthanse, Nestle, Vattenfall.

Technology stack:

Java SE 8, Java EE 7 (EJB, JPA, JSF, CDI, JMS), Hibernate, Apache Camel, ESB, OSGi, JAXB, Arquillian, QueryDSL, Web-services (SOAP, REST), microservices architecture.

You can find more information about CRX Markets platform on corporate Website and on YouTube

A perfect candidate would:

  • Have an expert-level hands-on experience with design and development of large scale enterprise systems in the realm of Java EE and Spring; 
  • Have experience with microservice-oriented architecture and JavaScript front-end frameworks such as Angular/React; 
  • Be able to elaborate product architecture from scratch; 
  • Be passionate about creating high quality code and constantly improve his or her coding skills; 
  • Enjoy working with latest version of Java platform; 
  • Well understand and actively use best coding practices, patterns and approaches; 
  • Be responsible for cooperation with customer including all technical and non technical details.
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