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Java Developer - Senior for Syngenta Digital Innovation Lab

Київ Java Senior 12410

Програмні рішення для модернізації аграрної сфери Дізнатись більше про проект

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Project Overview:

Do you believe that building successful solutions comes from a clever mix of technologies, new or older, common sense and great collaboration?  Working on building a beautiful application gives you the adrenaline rush? Do you believe in building a solution that will impact millions? Do you know the difference between little ‘a’ agile and capital A agile?  Is V8 not about cylinders and Webpack, not a lunch box? If you answer yes to all questions then we want to meet you!

We're looking for a smart, well-rounded Java Back-End Developer aiming to deliver the code of the Matrix.  You love good practices and a fervent agile practitioner.


  • Accountable for keeping a high level of collaboration;
  • Accountable for the quality of the code and following agreed best practices;
  • As a software developer, you have an agile mindset, and will develop a deep technical understanding and business perspective on the product you are working on;
  • Supports full digital service catalog activities;
  • Organize pair programming sessions;
  • Participate in the agile culture of the Lab;
  • Review code, pull requests and give constructive feedback;
  • Collaborate with relevant stakeholders;
  • Setup of all needed environments in coordination with the infrastructure team;
  • May help to organize digital events (Data hacks, Software Hackathons, etc.);
  • May interview potential hires;
  • Risks assessment and mitigation;
  • Have fun! Learn new skills, experiment and share with the team.


  • Been there, done that” experience;
  • If you don’t try you don’t know” mindset;
  • Computer Science degree (BS or MS);
  • 5+ years proven experience and at least 2 years in a senior role;
  • Strong understanding of the design patterns and architectural styles;
  • Have the experience in writing and supporting the microservices;
  • Practical experience in writing integration and unit tests;
  • Working experience with Docker/Docker Compose and cloud provider (AWS EC2/ECS would be a plus);
  • Working experience with SQL/NoSQL Databases (Elasticsearch and MySQL/Postgress).

Will be a plus: 

  •  Presence of the personnel GitHub profile;
  • Knowledge of the Redis and/or RabbitMQ;
  • Having experience with other Java frameworks;
  • Practical knowledge of the Domain Driven Design;
  • Knowing one of the following languages (JavaScript/Typescript/Kotlin/Groovy);
  • Experience with event sourcing (CQRS);
  • Working knowledge of GraphQL.


  • Deep knowledge of the Java 8 SE;
  • Deep knowledge of the Spring Boot ecosystem (in particular DI, Security, MVC, Data, Test);
  • Deep knowledge of the Mockito, jUnit, RestAssured;
  • Practical experience with the Flyway or Liquibase;
  • Hands on experience with the Spring Cloud Netflix stack: Eureka, Feign, Spring Cloud Config, Ribbon, Hystrix);
  • You are a strong advocate of test driven-development;
  • Deep knowledge of the GoF patterns, SOLID and Clean Code principles;
  • Advanced knowledge of the Hibernate;
  • Knowledge of the Gradle or Maven;
  • Working experience with Docker/Docker Compose and cloud provider (AWS EC2/ECS would be a plus);
  • Working experience with SQL/NoSQL Databases (Elasticsearch and MySQL/Postgress);
  • Practical experience in writing integration and unit tests;
  • DevOps skills: Linux shell scripting, practical experience in writing the Jenkins pipelines;
  • Excellent technical, communication and presentation skills;
  • You can explain complex topics with simple words and adapt to any type of audience;
  • Able to work and refactor code developed by others;
  • Strong technical capability in coding, developing and testing for the platforms covered;
  • Good team working including interactions with business users;
  • Self-organizing, achieves tasks without constant monitoring;
  • English (Professional working proficiency).

Personal + Professional Attributes: 

  • Passionate & high-energy;
  • Intellectual honesty;
  • Curious;
  • Not afraid to fail;
  • Comfortable without big team/resource support;
  • Can’t be easily “blocked”;
  • Values good design.
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