Project Overview:

The product we create is Java Software Development Kit for Cloud Platform which provides the next generation of location services intelligence.

Platform provides comprehensive software development tools to third-party developers from different industries using which they could ingest, process and analyze sensor data from multiple sources, encode location-related information for people, places and things.

Software Development Kit for Java and Scala includes libraries, tools and documentation designed to make big data processing easier for developers who are using Cloud Platform.


Why we rock?


  • Data-centric development. We build reusable components that run complex big data pipelines at scale through data management, processing and distribution services and APIs;
  • Developer oriented process. We create the product which are used by our colleagues, software developers. So it's really important for us to make developer experience convenient and modern;
  • Best practices. Platform possesses strong background in continuous delivery approaches, automated testing, and employs the best DevOps practices.

We are looking for a Java Engineer, who will join the R&D team in developing of the Platform's SDK and a set of tools, libraries, tutorials, examples and archetypes which help 3rd-party developers to quickly integrate with the Platform and be productive up front in building location-based services on top of the Platform.

You will work on development of the SDK parts, on-boarding of new Platform's services, utilize best engineering practices in the R&D team and improve Platform automation as well as on-boarding of new Platform's services.


Technology Stack:


  • Java 8;
  • Scala 2 / 3;
  • Python 3 / Bash;
  • Cucumber / Gherkin;
  • Gitlab, Github;
  • Maven, Gradle, SBT.
Андрій Годун
  • Develop commercial-grade software that is user friendly and suitable for the global B2B audience;
  • Participate in design reviews and code reviews of your work and the work of your peer engineers;
  • Automate software development process and infrastructure;
  • Collaborate with other engineers to deliver high quality software on time.

A perfect candidate would:


  • Have a deep Java Knowledge;
  • Be passionate about creating high-quality code and constantly improving their coding skills;
  • Well understand and actively use best coding practices, patterns, and approaches;
  • Have a highly developed set of analytical and communication skills;
  • Have experience with BDD frameworks like Cucumber, JBehave;
  • Have B1 spoken English.
Nice to have:
  • Linux shell scripting experience;
  • Python3 scripting experience;
  • Flink / Spark experience;
  • Gitlab CI pipelines development experience.
Higher Education:
  • Bachelor’s Degree, preferably Computer Science or Math related.

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