Project Overview:

Our product is able to integrate a wide variety of different billing systems to produce customisable bills for final customers, where customer information and behavior is used to provide the right information at the right time. Bills produced with this product save literally millions to Telco Companies, as their customer don´t need extra support, coming from call centers. Product is used by several of the largest Telco companies in the world. Comcast, Sprint, AT&T, Vodafone, Rogers, just to mention some.

Job description:

  • Provide technical implementation and documentation for user stories, tasks and defects, according to planning;
  • Participate actively in daily, refinement, planning and retrospective meetings within the team;
  • Involvement in technical design as required;
  • Use of good practices and key patterns, assuring technical compliance with technical lead and software architect guidelines as well as project needs;
  • Assure technical documentation is coherent and valuable for project and other product software engineers;
  • Technical code reviews and punctual technical project support.
  • When required, as subject matter expert, according to knowledge map:
    • Technical support to any team collaborating in technical designs, functional code reviews and punctual doubt resolution;
    • Owner of the technical debt for a certain functional part of the platform: identification, classification, estimation, maintenance and risk communication.
Ганна Маківська
  • 4+ year of commercial experience as Java Developer;
  • Solid knowledge of java 8 and 9, OOP;
  • Spring MVC, security and core;
  • Solid knowledge with JPA and Hibernate;
  • Notions of spring boot;
  • Spring integration. Solid. Used to work with different integration patterns and components. Service activators, queues, thread pools, file readers;
  • Java profiling. Some experience with thread and memory dumps.
Nice to have:
  • RabbitMQ;
  • Entity Graph;
  • Hazelcast and cache management;
  • User level;
  • Jenkins and CI pipelines.

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