Project Overview:

Join Intellias to develop the most comprehensive HD Live Map product for the autonomous vehicles market. Intended to support precise navigation for self-driving cars, the Map powers numerous connected vehicle services and Open Location Platform.

HD Live Map creates a highly detailed and dynamic representation of the road environment. It is composed of tiles and contains dynamic content layers, each providing different details: lane level information, dynamic road network, situation changes, and speed profile data. These layers combine long-standing content (HD Map), temporary information (Live Roads), and analytics data (Humanized Driving).

HD Live Map is the world’s first tile-based cloud service that supports connected ADAS with dynamic traffic flow data, real-time incident reporting and speed profile data derived from rich behavior information.

HD Live Map architecture is built on distributed computing with Apache Spark at its core. Hidden behind the interfaces, Spark makes the work with geo data much easier and effective. Such architecture aspects give you a great opportunity to dive into distributed computing and get a hands-on experience with Apache Spark, AWS EMR service, and Scala. In addition to HD Live Map, there is a bunch of smaller related products that you can develop and optimize.

Although the data model is quite complex, you’ll get a great opportunity to learn the insights of data structures and map compression tricks that enable Map high-performance on the vehicle built-in systems.

  • Methodology: Scrum;
  • Team size: 12 engineers, including Engineering Manager, Software Engineers, Architect and Technical Product Manager.
Андрій Годун
  • Collaborate with other engineering teams to resolve dependencies and deliver high-quality software on time;
  • Participate in design reviews, code reviews, and product demos;
  • Take accountability for implementation and quality of software products as well as time and complexity estimation of own technical tasks;
  • We are looking for Java/Scala engineers who willing to learn Scala as it's the main language of the project;
  • Work with other engineering teams and internal customers to identify new opportunities, address critical needs, and solve complex problems using your backend development expertise;
  • Become an expert at leveraging internal platform resources and APIs;
  • Drive initiatives that contribute in development of software that is efficient, re-usable and reliable (e.g. agile, coding, verification);
  • Be part of an agile team, share knowledge, do code reviews, pro-active communication also mentor and guide junior engineers in the team.


    • Java;
    • Scala;
    • AWS;
    • Gitlab CI.
  • 6+ years of experience in software engineering with Java/Scala or any functional programming language;
  • Expertise in cloud-based infrastructure (Maven/SBT, GIT/GERRIT, Apache Spark, Amazon Web Services, Jenkins, Linux Environment);
  • Big data experience;
  • Good understanding of basic software design approaches and architectural patterns;
  • Good analytical, algorithmic and optimization skills;
  • Experience working with CI/CD environments;
  • Experience in implementation of unit tests, experience with protobuf;
  • Self- motivated, well-organized, details-oriented and a strong team player;
  • Good communication skills in English both written and spoken;
  • Understanding of Agile engineering practices.
Nice to have:
  • Working with mapdata;
  • Working with data transformation / ETL.
Higher Education:
  • Bachelor’s or Master's Degree in Computer Science or related fields.

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