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Experience Level:

  • Clear understanding of Lambda (NodeJS) best practices and optimization, including caching, connection reuse, monitoring/logging, and Lambda MS patterns design;
  • Understanding of OAUTH2/OIDC authentication patterns (including Auth Code and token refresh) and JWT token usage;
  • Experience in building secure AppSync GraphQL schemas and resolvers for DynamoDB, AuroraSQL, and HTTP 3rd party endpoints;
  • Experience in building secure AppSync realtime integrations with consideration to custom authentication based on OIDC tokens;
  • Experience in designing and building secure REST APIs in AWS API Gateway with OpenAPI and Swagger for web application clients;
  • Knowledge and hands-on experience of DynamoDB data modeling design and query pattern design;
  • Experience in design of event driven services, both Synchronous and Asynchronous;
  • Experience working with AWS SAM templates for serverless deployments;
  • Experience working with GIT repository;
  • Experience working as part of a development team within an Agile SDLC scrum process;
  • Expected to document and guide detailed design based on HL solution architecture, following best practices and expected optimizations;
  • Expected to communicate detail design to developers and help answer questions, make necessary adjustments, and communicate with Solution Architect in case of any challenges or required changes;
  • Expected to lead the development team in order to meet Sprint scoping commitments and address any potential knowledge gaps;
  • Expected to write unit testing for any developed features;
  • Expected to participate in feature demos at the end of each Sprint;
  • Expected to work closely with BA and QA team to guide and review test cases;
  • Expected to complete code reviews and ensure design compliance on developed features;
  • Must be able to independently troubleshoot issues and resolve problems both in code and in work environment.

Additional experience:

  • Familiarity with Lambda@Edge and Lambda authenticators a plus;
  • Familiarity with Azure Graph API and Azure AD IDP a plus;
  • Familiarity with AWS Step Functions;
  • Familiarity with TFS on GIT a plus;
  • Familiarity with Jira a plus;
  • Familiarity with AWS Well Architected Framework.
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