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DevOps Engineer

Проект: HERE
Львів DevOps Intermediate 12130

Наш клієнт – глобальний лідер на ринку електронних карт та геолокаційних сервісів. Продукти компанії користуються значним попитом та доступні у майже 200 країнах світу. Виступаючи стратегічним R&D партнером компанії в Україні, Intellias допомагає клієнту розробляти технологічне ядро або, іншими словами, платформу, що є основою будь-якого продукту чи рішення компанії. Дізнатись більше про проект

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Project Overview: 

The product we create is the Platform providing the next generation of location services intelligence. Offering high-quality services such as map-data, traffic, geocoding and more as a standard, the platform now is evolved to reach the next level offering customers new ways of creating the value for their organizations.

Platform will provide comprehensive software development tools to third-party developers from different industries using which they could ingest, process and analyze sensor data from multiple sources, encode location-related information for people, places and things.

With the complete development environment, developers will be able to consume data and services of the platform, even those created by other users, to enrich their own solutions as well as provide their data and services to bring into the platform or create within it for use in the application of other users.

Connected to the Platform's cloud services, intelligent in-vehicle devices could "see around the corner" to track and respond to the potential danger as well as perform real-time changes to the maps or any other data which then could be shared with other connected devices creating IoT ecosystem.

Why we rock?

  • Data-centric development. We build reusable components that run complex data pipelines at scale through data management, processing and distribution services and APIs;
  • Visualized location intelligence. The maps rendering service we are working on is one of the key Platform's client-facing features which helps businesses to make sense of location data by empowering 2D and 3D rendering capabilities of modern web browsers;
  • The way of working. Fresh setup, minimum to none legacy processes and technologies, a good chance to start over with a clean slate;
  • Best practices. Platform possesses strong background in continuous delivery approaches, automated testing, and employs the best DevOps practices to ensure the Platforms reliability at scale;
  • Self-fulfillment. Stand at the roots of the Platform that will redefine how society thinks about location data and boost your professional value by mastering edge data management techniques.

We are looking for a DevOps Engineer, who will join the R&D team in developing of the Platform's SDK and a set of tools, libraries, tutorials, examples and archetypes which help 3rd-party developers to quickly integrate with the Platform and be productive up front in building location-based services on top of the Platform. You will work on SDK and CLI, build out CI/CD pipelines, facilitate implementation of best engineering practices in the R&D team and take about the Platform automation as well as on-boarding of new Platform's services.

Technology Stack:

  • Linux;
  • AWS; 
  • Docker;
  • VMs;
  • Python, Groovy;
  • CI(Jenkins); 
  • Gerrit/Git, SVN;
  • Continuous integration pipelines with Jenkins.


  • Build and maintain our CI & CD infrastructure;
  • Work with development teams to ensure the security and scalability of deployed solutions;
  • Develop deployment strategies for new services;
  • Monitor application performance metrics;
  • Collaborate with application developers to resolve to troubleshoot issues.


  • A BSc in Computer Science or equivalent;
  • 2+ years of experience as a DevOps Engineer; 
  • Experience with AWS stack; 
  • Hands-on experience with Linux administration; 
  • Working proficiency with Python and Bash scripting; 
  • Hands-on experience of building Jenkins Pipelines; 
  • Experience with version control systems: Git, Gerrit; 
  • Quality focus, willing to drive improvement of the automated testing pipeline; 
  • Experience of working in an Agile team and environment; 
  • Good command of written and spoken English.



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