Project Overview:

VMWare Automation Engineer (VMWare VRealize Automation/Operations).

You will work as a member of the Platform Engineering team looking after our internal cloud solution built on top of VMWare. As a member of the Platform Engineering team you will codify our infrastructure, define and deploy our monitoring and alerting stack, develop new automations and features which are going be used in a self service approach by our product deployment teams.

Collaborate with the Cloud Operations, Security and Architecture teams in establishing the best of breed operational practices.

Рекрутинг лід
Анастасія Кісельова
  • Develop, implement, and manage data center network infrastructure in a private cloud environment;
  • Deploy, maintain, and continually optimize network and firewall configurations for the on-premises cloud-based infrastructure;
  • Develop and maintain technical diagrams and documentation;
  • A solid networking (routing and switching) foundation, with an in-depth understanding of network protocols and applications, such as OSPF, BGP, DNS, DHCP, SSL/TLS/Encryption;
  • Solid understanding of virtual hypervisors like ESX, server hardware technologies;
  • Experience with the following technologies:
    Arista switches, NSX, INFOBLOX. Network Virtulaization (SDN / NSX-V / NSX-T) and integration with Container environments (kubernetes/OpenShift);
  • Professional experience implementing and supporting cloud services (VMware SSDC), modern data center architectures, Software Defined Networks (SDN) with a broad knowledge of current IT infrastructure and cloud services trends;
  • Strong background in data center networking technologies like Arista MLAG, Spine-Leaf designs, CVX/CVP and VXLAN layer2 extensions, EVPN, etc. Familiarity with Arista EOS and CloudVision is strongly preferred;
  • Highly proficient with network troubleshooting, performance tuning techniques, network packet capture and analysis;
  • Experience with network management tools (Cloud Vision, CVX, Vmware NSX manager, IPAM);
  • Scripting experience in Python (or similar languages), to facilitate automation and troubleshooting; experience using RESTful API's to query supported applications.

Technical skills:


  • Expert at VMware automation/orchestration (VMware VRealize Automation, VMware VRealize Orchestrator‎);
  • Expert at VMware virtualization (ESX, VSAN, NSX);
  • Good Javascript automation skills (VRA);
  • Infrastructure as Code concepts and practices (Git, VRA Blueprints);
  • Experience at configuring and troubleshooting VMWare environments.


Soft skills:


  • Fluent spoken and written English;
  • Experience working in a Scrum team;
  • Collaborative and proactive mindset.

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