Project Overview:

HelloFresh is an international publicly traded meal-kit company based in Berlin, Germany. It is the largest meal-kit provider in the United States and also has operations in Canada, Western Europe (including Luxembourg, Germany, Belgium, France, and the Netherlands), New Zealand and Australia. 

HelloFreshGO is a subsidiary company of HelloFresh group. HelloFreshGo is a smart vending machine for companies which allow employee to have healthy food at the office for a small price. HelloFreshGO brings good food directly to your desk and revolutionizes the way people eat at work. Every employee has direct access any time to a large variety of food, snacks and drinks. On less than 1,5m2 the vending machine is able to replace a classical canteen for less investment.

Дар’я Ульянова

As a Site Reliability Engineer you will be working closely with the Engineering and Data teams at HelloFreshGO, building a great foundation for our talented developers to thrive. As well as keeping a stable and healthy environment, you will be responsible for spreading your knowledge and making sure everyone is taking advantage of our easy to use cloud native infrastructure, and applying the best practices when it comes to Reliability, Observability, Monitoring, Containerisation, Performance, Security etc.

  • Build and maintain container clusters with Kubernetes and data infrastructure on Azure;
  • Deliver solid Infrastructure as a code by using automation tools such as Terraform;
  • Ensure the engineering organisation has self-service observability tools, and advocate for observability best practices;
  • Drive the alerting strategy in the tech organisation;
  • Remove toil in infrastructure through automation;
  • Pair with engineers throughout the tech organisation to spread SRE knowledge and best practices.
  • You have at least 3-5 years work experience in a similar role;
  • You have back-end experience using .NET languages (C#/F#) or Python;
  • You have experience with system administration or infrastructure maintenance;
  • You have good knowledge of design patterns, system architecture and best practices;
  • You have strong experience working with cloud (Azure), Docker and containerisation technologies such as Kubernetes and Terraform;
  • You are familiar with operations: metrics/statistics, incident management, post mortems etc.;
  • You know what to monitor and alert when things go awry;
  • You LOVE automation and scripting (bash and/or powershell);
  • You are an empathetic team-player with great interpersonal skills, who is passionate about mentoring and sharing knowledge to different stakeholders;
  • You are excited to work in a fast-paced, startup environment, with a problem-solving mindset;
  • You are fluent in english;
  • You have a valid  work permits/visa for an immediate start.
Higher Education:
  • Not required.

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