Project Overview:

Our customer’s location services are used by millions of people every day on mobile devices, cars, wearables and on the web. We are pushing the boundaries of, and extending the horizons of highly autonomous driving, Virtual Reality and IoT. Also, we are the experts on map compilation that make possible the most comprehensive map in the market. Our work is constantly striving for the best map ever.

Join our passionate team and take a unique chance to work on the core technologies of cutting-edge navigation systems for premium cars and the future of automated driving.

We are working in the automotive segment and our project is responsible for map development, testing and delivery to the customer.

  • Almost all infrastructure is located in AWS in the different AWS accounts and locations. On AWS we are using a lot of different services ( EC2, S3, Route 53, Lambda, Cloud Watch, EMR, Direct Connect, RDS, SG, ACL, cross-account access, AWS secret management, AWS license management,  etc);
  • Our infrastructure is developed according to IaC approach, using (Terraform, Cloudformation, Ansible, Puppet, bash, python).
Андрій Годун
  • We are offering to work on the project in the production state according to best practices with experienced mentorship;
  • You will be able to get the experience of the AWS infrastructure development, AWS infrastructure implementation and improvements;
  • You will have practical experiences to work with AWS services like ( EC2, S3, Route 53, Lambda, Cloud Watch, EMR, Direct Connect, RDS, SG, ACL, cross-account access, AWS secret management, AWS license management,  etc);
  • You will get an understanding and experience of how processes are working in the big project and relationship between different teams and streams;
  • Our team familiar with different DevOps best practices and we are offering to work with us together to improve your skills and to help us create the next generation of AWS infrastructure.
  • Good communication skills in English (Intermediate), both written and spoken;
  • Self-motivated, well-organized team player;
  • Experience in using and administrating Linux distros (Ubuntu, CentOS);
  • Able to read, write and troubleshoot bash scripts;
  • Basic Python programming skills;
  • Basic understanding of code versioning concepts;
  • Basic knowledge of Git;
  • Basic knowledge and understanding of architectural components of databases. Should be able to write a simple SQL query;
  • Basic knowledge and understanding of CI/CD principles and tools;
  • Basic knowledge of Docker and virtualization concepts;
  • Basic knowledge and understanding of networking. Should be able to do the basic network troubleshooting;
  • Basic knowledge of the main AWS services. Should understand the basic principles of cloud computing;
  • Basic understanding of the "infrastructure as a code" approach. Experience with at least one configuration management tool;
  • Basic experience with analysis of the monitoring data for troubleshooting.
Nice to have:
  • Experience with Jenkins Pipelines and DSL;
  • Experience with AWS;
  • Experience with Ansible;
  • Experience with Jira/Confluence.
Higher Education:
  • Bachelor’s Degree/Master’s Degree.

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