Project Overview:

You will be part of a small, global cloud operations team focusing on our customer facing industrial applications world-wide. Work within a team of like-minded professionals to plan, deploy, and maintain critical business applications services. Most services are running in the cloud, we develop connected devices inhouse as well. Design and implement appropriate infrastructure for those applications, engineer suitable release management procedures, and provide production support. Troubleshoot problems and driving resolution of issues with a focus on minimizing impact to our customers. Its hands-on position and it's a mix of AWS Architect and AWS DevOps roles.

A few examples of typical tasks:

  • Help the development teams with questions or problems regarding AWS architecture, IaC, and/or CI/CD. This includes tasks such as problems with scaling services, upgrading Terraform versions, implementing new Terraform modules, helping them fix CI/CD problems, and Datadog monitoring. A team might ask "why is this service failing in AWS?" and need your help to find and fix the root cause;
  • This role also includes evaluating existing solutions and driving improvements. Here we have things such as helping teams become more cost-effective and secure by implementing VPC peering and/or VPC endpoints instead of using the public internet;
  • It's also important that you can provide guidance. To be able to have a conversation with the teams about a solution, to analyze the strengths and weaknesses, and help them move forward in the right direction. To help them be better, and not need you in the future.
Дмитро Поляков
  • Minimum 2 years in relevant position (minimum 7 years of overall IT experience) in global companies;
  • Solid DevOps knowledge is must;
  • Experience driving discussions with senior personnel regarding trade-offs, best practices, risk mitigation;
  • AWS design, development, and deployment of business software at scale or current hands-on technology infrastructure, network, compute, storage, and virtualization experience;
  • Experience with IT compliance and risk management requirements (e.g., security, privacy, SOX, HIPAA etc.);
  • Knowledge of the primary AWS (CloudTrail, AWS Config, Cloudwatch, AWS ECS, IAM, Lambda, DynamoDB, ELB, API Gateway, Cognito, SQS, SNS, Eventbridge, Image Builder, VPC);
  • Cloudinit;
  • Datadog is plus;
  • Hands-one experience with cost-reduction;
  • Strong track record of implementing AWS services in a variety of distributed computing environments;
  • Proven experience with highly available and fault-tolerant enterprise and web-scale software deployments;
  • Large scale migration experience Data Center to Data Center and/or Data Center to Cloud is plus;
  • Solid understanding of computer networks and common network protocols;
  • Infrastructure automation through DevOps scripting (Shell, Python, Ruby, PowerShell, etc);
  • Configuration management using CloudFormation, Ansible or Terraform;
  • Lots of Terraform, modules, state management etc (We test our terraform modules using terratest written in Go);
  • Strong practical Linux and Windows-based systems administration skills in a Cloud or Virtualized environment;
  • Experience managing data center operations, including data assurance, monitoring, alerting and notifications;
  • Skills to communicate clearly in both written and spoken (Intermediate or Intermediate+);
  • Team player and the ability to create an atmosphere of trust and motivation.For more details feel free to contact:;
  • The person can work well with the teams. Sometimes the teams know more about problem X than you, sometimes they are completely clueless. You will need to be able to work with both cases. Sometimes you will need to step in and do things for them to show how it's done so that they can do the rest;
  • Good at asking for help. Sometimes we had issues that are very complex and sometimes wildly outside the typical knowledge range. So you need to call to AWS support for help;
  • Good at simplification. Understanding that a core part of their work is to make others more efficient. Don't push complexity on our developers and ops because it's easier for you;
  • Ability to work on a wide range of tools and programs;
  • Analytic skills and the ability to identify areas of improvements;
  • Ability to proactively take responsibility and initiatives;
  • Ability to challenge conventional approaches;
  • Ability to take a responsibility for delivered solutions;
  • Strong critical thinker with problem solving aptitude;
  • Ability to follow global corporate culture and values;
  • Self-culture, perseverance, ability to work without distractions.

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