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Cloud Architect

Київ Python Software Architect 12224

Платформа для залучення нових та підтримки існуючих клієнтів, які користуються інноваційною розробкою нашого замовника - Reduced-Risk Product. Дізнатись більше про проект

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Project Overview:

Our customer is a multinational corporation with more than a century of history and offices in over 180 countries. Their most ambitious goal at the time is to introduce a range of Reduced-Risk Products (RRPs), offering smokers a healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes. The target audience is more than 1 billion of consumers around the globe.

Intellias mission is to help a client with the engineering of comprehensive software ecosystem for a game-changing IoT product on the margin of innovative consumer experience and cutting-edge technology. Our teams are involved in the engineering of core platform components for best in class eCommerce, Digital Marketing and IoT solutions. As a Cloud Architect you will become a part of Core Architecture Team and be responsible for the implementation of  best practices in our digital engagement platform.

Technical Skills: 

  • Background as a software, infrastructure or as a system engineer; 
  • Experience in agile practices (Scrum, Kanban); 
  • Strong understanding of system/software architecture patterns (Microservices, SOA, Event-Driven); 
  • Knowledge of design and implementation of resilience patterns, cloud-native patterns, distributed systems patterns, regional-failover patterns, 12factors; 
  • Profound knowledge of Software development and delivery processes and frameworks; 
  • Knowledge of AWS, strong experience in deploying HA solutions in AWS; 
  • Knowledge of Containers - Docker/Kubernetes; 
  • Infrastructure as a code; 
  • Configuration Management; 
  • Expert in a modern scripting language (Python, Go); 
  • Experience with SCM (git); 
  • Very good command of written and spoken English. 

Soft Skills: 

  • Team organization skills, ability to take over technical manager/product owner role; 
  • Ability to drive initiatives, advocate technology and practices, socialize ideas; 
  • Ability to drive and lead by an example implementation of POC, RnD types of products. 

Our stack: 

  • Terraform; 
  • AWS (VPC, EC2, S3, LoadBalancers, LAMBDA, IAM, Simple AD, Route53, ElasticCache); 
  • Ansible; 
  • Kubernetes installed via KOPS on top of AWS; 
  • Some applications which we are using: ExternalDNS, traefik/nginx ingress, velero, weave (scope, net, flux), Prometheus (Operator), Grafana, kube2iam, Keycloak, Filebeat, Jenkins, Selenium, Artifactory, Open Policy Agent, Helm, Rundeck, PagerDuty, ElasticSearch. 
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