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Senior Business analyst/Product Owner, OL

Проект: HERE
ЛьвівКиїв Business Analysis Senior 10665

Наш клієнт – глобальний лідер на ринку електронних карт та геолокаційних сервісів. Продукти компанії користуються значним попитом та доступні у майже 200 країнах світу. Виступаючи стратегічним R&D партнером компанії в Україні, Intellias допомагає клієнту розробляти технологічне ядро або, іншими словами, платформу, що є основою будь-якого продукту чи рішення компанії. Дізнатись більше про проект

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Project Overview:

The product we create is the Platform providing the next generation of location services intelligence. Offering high quality services such as map-data, traffic, geocoding and more as a standard, the platform now is evolved to reach the next level offering customers new ways of creating the value for their organizations.

Platform will provide comprehensive software development tools to third-party developers from different industries using which they could ingest, process and analyze sensor data from multiple sources, encode location-related information for people, places and things.

With the complete development environment, developers will be able to consume data and services of the platform, even those created by other users, to enrich their own solutions as well as provide their data and services to bring into the platform or create within it for use in application of other users.

Connected to the Platform’s cloud services, intelligent in-vehicle devices could “see around the corner” to track and respond to the potential danger as well as perform real-time changes to the maps or any other data which then could be shared with other connected devices creating IoT ecosystem. 

You should be prepared to make decisions with imperfect information, know how to lead without authority and be comfortable managing chaos, ambiguity and complexity. You must possess a unique blend of business and technical savvy that includes a big-picture vision and the drive to make that vision a reality. You must also enjoy spending time in the market to understand market problems, and finding innovative solutions for the broader market. 

You will work with a development counterpart from customer side to define product release requirements based on market problems. You will work with product marketing and marketing communications to help define the go-to-market strategy by providing key product and market insights. You will also serve as the internal and external evangelist for your product offering, occasionally working to support the sales channel and key customers. In short, you must be prepared to communicate with all areas of the company. 

You are a strategist who will translate the company’s high-level vision and goals into actionable tasks. You will set product strategy, prioritize features, build consensus, and coordinate product schedules with your design and engineering teammates. 

Responsibilities include: 

As a product owner, you will be working with a team of highly skilled product owners, developers and architects. Your role is, to actively: 

  •  manage agile product development process from product management point of view. Act as the “messenger of the market” from the outside-in to the rest of the organization;
  • analyze various market segments and collaborate with leadership to choose the best ones to pursue;
  • develop and maintain an understanding of the product, market, and competition. Develop and maintain a business proposal that makes a compelling case for continued investment into your products. Develop product positioning and go to market strategy;
  • collaborate with internal and external stakeholders such as customer’s product managers on the creation of positioning for your products;
  • create, prioritize and adjust the product backlog according to priority, urgency, strategic product value and customer needs;
  • collect and analyze feedback from customers, stakeholders and other teams to shape requirements, features and products;
  • documents defined requirements, user stories, mock-ups/design on in-house Wiki as the source of detailed requirements for development, Q/A and documentation;
  • manage product requirements and keep them up-to-date and consistent;
  • resolve priority conflicts and cross-team dependencies;
  • coordinate deliverables and dependencies with multiple stakeholders including internal teams and external partners;
  • assess feasibility and drive innovations and improvements.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or a related discipline;
  • Previous working experience as a Senior Business Analyst, Product Owner or Product Manager at least 5 years; 
  • Metrics-driven: Strong analytical and synthesis skills are a must, including the ability to absorb and process large amounts of data into actionable information; 
  • In-depth knowledge of Agile SW development methodology; 
  • Outstanding communication, presentation and leadership skills. Curious and comfortable holding professional conversations with our target buyers and users; 
  • Ability to prioritize tasks/objectives with strong organizational, administrative and analytic skills; 
  • Critical thinking and problem-solving skills; 
  • Knowledge of key business analysis tasks, requirements engineering techniques; 
  • Good conflict management skills; 
  • Hands-on experience in JIRA & Confluence; 
  • Advanced written and spoken English; 
  • Ability to travel on business purpose. 

The following is a big plus: 

  • Understanding of cloud-based architecture;
  • Subject matter expert/industry experience in GIS, logistics, automotive.
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