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Project Overview:

Intellias is looking for an Alliance Lead to manage the Partnership Program of AWS/Microsoft, as part of a broader ecosystem plan in the organization.

The Alliance Lead will assume full responsibility for Intellias’s partnership with AWS/Microsoft and will be the Go-To person for ecosystem-related questions in the organization.

The leading principal of the Alliance Lead will be Revenue Enablement in a horizontal technology, by developing and promoting the Partnership Program both internally and externally.


Manage relationships with our Partner Development Manager, Country Manager, and other stakeholders in the ecosystem’s global organization (Account Management approach).
Manage different Partner Interfaces, such as Partner Portal, Payee/Supplier Portal, Funding Portal, Marketing Portal, etc.
Satisfy and monitor Partnership Program Minimum Requirements, such as:

  • Technical certifications;
  • Mutual opportunities;
  • Monthly Recurring Revenue;
  • Customer Success References;
  • Annual Business Plan;
  • Public Partner Profile;

Innovate with the Ecosystem:

Advise the organization on ways to improve its position within the ecosystem, such as:

  • Plan and execute Tier Advancement plans;
  • Attain sub-programs (e.g., Specializations) within the ecosystem;
  • Push the organization’s ecosystem-based practice beyond its limits;
  • Point at gaps in ecosystem-related expertise; initiate internal projects aimed at closing them;
  • Explore different solution offerings within the ecosystems with a focus on synergies with Intellias’s key industries focus (e.g. Azure-Telecom, AWS-Automotive, etc.);
  • Coordinate with the corresponding Practice Leads;
  • Introduce and implement ecosystem-related new concepts to the organization (e.g. Reselling).

Influence Cross-functionally:

Proactively introduce and “ensure adoption” of the ecosystem in different layers of the organization, to promote a company-wide alignment around key elements of your ecosystem:

  • Higher Management – increased overall company value;
  • Sales & Marketing, Account Management – lead, opportunity and revenue generation; business trainings;
  • Presales, Delivery, Technology Office – technical presales assistance by the ecosystems; technical trainings; enhanced value proposition;
  • Finance, Legal, Compliance – product subscription discounts; cross-territory alignment of Intellias legal entities within the ecosystem.

Initiate ecosystem-related processes in the organization, formalize them, and automate where possible.

Maintain a clear internal documentation about practical aspects of your ecosystem, to assist colleagues from different departments navigate through ecosystem-related topics (trainings, collaboration, responsibilities, etc.)


  • It is preferred for the candidate to have similar working experience as an Alliance Lead of a Partnership Program, from an outsourcing or consulting company (1+ years);
  • Previous experience working in a Business Development role, such as Sales, Marketing, Presales (1+ years);
  • Very good organizational skills – be able to manage many different micro-projects simultaneously; efficient time-management;
  • Very good collaboration skills – be able to collaborate with different departments in the organization;
  • General understanding of the Cloud business model and market dynamics;
  • Ecosystem interest – be interested in your ecosystem’s contribution to tomorrow’s Digital Transformation; be interested in high-level technical topics about your ecosystem’s offerings (on the conceptual level);
  • Business/Market interest – be interested in the position of Intellias’s horizontal practice among other competitors in the market, and how your work can close the gaps to enable more revenue to the company;
  • English – Upper Intermediate level (B2) and above.

Higher Education: 

Bachelor’s degree or higher (technical area preferred).

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