Project Overview:

Our client is the fastest-growing global tobacco manufacturing company. An international corporation with over hundred years of history, internationally recognized brands and Reduced-Risk Products. Intellias mission is to support their strategy and efforts in Digital and eCommerce space.
A newly conceptualized Digital Eco System is comprised of set of capabilities including online shop & website, linking online & offline, customization & personalization, engagement & membership, digital product & services main differences.

Рекрутинг лід
Анастасія Кісельова
  • Take active part in issue resolution of any complexity, severity or scale;
  • Be reliable, friendly and trustworthy frontline of the support/service desk;
  • Respond and react to incoming issue requests;
  • Assist and help users resolving their issues;
  • Extract and collect issue details from users;
  • Provide consultations and advices to users;
  • Report any out-of-scope issues, that cannot be resolved;
  • Take part in issue escalation and progress tracking;
  • Gather and report issue occurrence and resolution statistics;
  • Elaborate ideas on improving and optimizing support activities;
  • Ensure enterprise systems and business continuity;
  • Process, analyze incidents and monitor their fixing;
  • Ensure that RCA provided/documented for each critical incident (Postmortem);
  • Provide communication with external vendor;
  • Concentrate on providing best value for users;
  • To be ready for a 24*7 team work, 8h shift.
  • 2-3 years of experience as a L2 support specialist;
  • L3 experience as a big plus;
  • Bachelor’s or master’s degree in Computer Science or related fields;
  • Understanding of Microsoft enterprise office and cloud solutions: Office 365, MS Azure, SharePoint, etc.;
  • Strong knowledge in network and domain systems administration and configuration, Active Directory, Windows-related policies configuring;
  • Good practical knowledge of Unix/Linux;
  • Good TCP/IP knowledge;
  • Experience with monitoring tools (e.g. Zabbix, Prometheus, Grafana, ELK, Splunk, etc.);
  • Understanding of CI/CD process and implementation experience;
  • Strong knowledge of Service Desk activities, Incident and Problem management  principles and best-practices;
  • Experience using Service Desk and task management software: JIRA, confluence, ServiceNow etc.;
  • Strong communication skills, soft skills and stress-resistance is a must;
  • Good English level is required, both spoken and written;
  • Empathy, psychology and trusted communication building skills are a plus.

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