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Information Security Manager

Львів Administration Intermediate Strong

Job description:

We are looking for an experienced information security expert to join Intellias. The daily responsibilities of a successful candidate will span monitoring and coordinating security efforts across the company, including information technology, software development, human resources, communications, legal and facilities management.

In this role, you will have a great opportunity to define and streamline industry-standard security initiatives that ensure threat-free operation of the entire company.


  • Define and implement information security policies, standards, and procedures,
  • Set up and maintain corporate security systems,
  • Conduct in-house audits of information security systems and assets,
  • Collaborate with certification authorities to ensure successful conduction of external security audits,
  • Manage information security risks and incidents,
  • Conduct vulnerability assessments, penetration tests, and diagnose Internet and extranet security, intrusion attempts, and incident responses,
  • Lead the activities of contingency planning, business continuity management, IT disaster recovery, and data archiving in conjunction with relevant functions and third parties,
  • Coordinate the development and delivery of educational programs and trainings on information security and privacy matters for our employees,
  • Lead the design and operation of related compliance monitoring and improvement activities to ensure compliance both with internal security policies and applicable laws and regulations,
  • Research emerging technologies in support of operational security control implementation and enhancements.


  • Excellent up-to-date insight to the information security industry, 
  • Experience in handling all aspects of IT security, creating and implementing corporate security best practices, 
  • Broad understanding of information security systems, procedures, and techniques, 
  • Solid knowledge of advanced security protocols and standards, such as ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and ISO/IEC 27002:2013, 
  • Expertise in information security system implementation in compliance with ISO/IEC 27001, 
  • Regular experience in Firewalls, Intrusion Detection, Prevention Systems, Anti-Virus, and Vulnerability Scanners, 
  • Strong analytical skills to analyze security requirements and relate them to appropriate security controls. 

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